The Ophthalmology Unit,  Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), Kuching, Sarawak.

The Ophthalmology Department, Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia.




The 31st World Ophthalmology Congress is held in Hong Kong from 28/6 to 2/7/2008. The UNIMAS team will attend the event with 12 posters from the Ophthalmology Department of the Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. Watch this page for photos from the event, you may even spot some familiar faces.


Some left early on the 26th June for Macau. From the

 left: Prof Chua, Dr. Yew and Dr. Koay. Taken

in Kuching International Airport.

Arriving at  Macau Airport after 3 hours direct flight from Kuching. From the left: Dr. Yew, Dr. Law and Dr. Koay.

Ferry from Macau to Hong Kong. A ride of 1 hour. Casinos strow the harbour.

Arriving in Hong Kong. China Bank at night from the taxis.

Rainy Friday am in Hong Kong on the way to the Convention centre.

Help desk.

Registration open at 1200hr 27/06/08.

With Miss Branda Billington.

With Mr. Richard Collin.

At a drug talk.

Two ophthalmologists from Malaysia.

Dr. Alice Goh

Team from Malaysia.

UNIMAS poster on success in capsulorrhexis.

UNIMAS poster on endophthalmitis prophylaxis in Malaysia.

Choosing between Maxfield 100D and Maxfield 120D.

Cataract subspecialty talk.

Training the trainer for strabismus.

Training the trainer for corneal surgery.

Training the trainer for phacoemulsification.

Ophthalmology teaching in Medical School.

Happy hours with Jeffrey.

EBM in Ophthalmology.

Lion dance at the opening ceremony (29/06/2008)

2 professors in German costumes announcing WOC in Berlin in 2010.

Performance at the opening ceremony.

Dragon dance.

Harbour view from the escalator.

With Dr. Wang and wife from Singapore (left) and Dr. Lee from Taiwan.

Miss Jane Olver.

With old colleague. Dr. Mandeep Sagoo.

With Dr. Jerry Shields (2nd from left), Mandeep and Julien.

With Dr. Carol Shields (2nd from right).

2 UNIMAS posters.

Dr. Then.


Vikki and her male friend.

Malaysian ophthalmologists.

Malaysian ophthalmologists.

With Mr. Amakou from Nottingham.

Dr. Christina Lee and Dr. Jason Ngo.

Dr. Lim Toh Han (left) from TTSH and Dr. Lim from SNEC.

With the UM team.

At the Gala dinner.

Colleague from Nuffield Laboratory, Oxford Eye Hospital.

Ophthalmologists from Azerbaijan.

Dr. Moin with friend.

With the UM team.

With the UM team.

With the UKM team(30/06/2008).

Dr. Intan (left).

Dr Vasantha Kumar from Kuantan, Pahang.

Dr. Oworu from Maidstone, Kent.

Dr. Choo from UM.

Chance meeting with Dr. Yang in the MRT.

The sun is finally here! (01/07/2008)

Massage chairs for worn out ophthalmologists.

With Dawn from Moorfields.

Prof Lai from Penang and Dr. Por from Singapore.

With Mr. Rosen from Oxford Eye Hospital.

Make a date with APAO in Bali.

Dr. Zambri.

With Robert from Moorfields.

Dr. Tan and Dr. Lee from Penang.

Herb Garden in the Museum of the Medical Sciences.

Antique hunting in Hollywood Road.

Last day of the WOC (02/07/2008).

Program for the day.

With Dr. Angela Loo.

Trying out some new technology.

Presentation at the oculoplastic seminar.

Time to go home.

Goose restaurant.

Best goose in town

and the smallest cooked crab in town.

Winter melon soup with scallops.

Serious shopping

more shopping.

One happy hour

....after another.

Arriving at Macau on the return journey (03/07/2008).

Famous Portuguese egg tarts for breakfast in Macau airport.

Over Sarawak.

Over the Sarawak River.

Home sweet home.



Moorfield Eye Hospital

Richard Collin

Royal College of ophthalmologist, Miss Brenda Billington, Jerry Shields, Carol Shields, Jane Olver, Angela Loo.