The Ophthalmology Unit,  Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), Kuching, Sarawak.

The Ophthalmology Department, Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia.



Intraocular lens pittings

Photo by Dr. Thomas Law

This 75 year-old diabetic woman underwent right phacoemulsification and implant 2 years ago. Post-operatively, her vision declined to counting fingers due to opacity of the posterior lens surface. Her ophthalmologist attempted YAG laser but failed to create significant lens clearing. Instead, some lens pittings were created.

Two options are available to improve her vision. Posterior lens polishing and if this fails, lens exchange.


Coating on the posterior surface of the IOL.


Pittings of the lens from YAG laser. Some but insufficient clearing

of the central posterior lenticular opacity.


Close-up view of the lens pittings and lenticular opacity.

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